by Crooked Teeth

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All songs written and performed by Crooked Teeth.


released May 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Rude Records Milan, Italy

Independent Record Label.

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Track Name: Crawl (feat. Bonnie Fraser)
I can't figure you out
It wasn't my intention to lead with an admission
I know who you are
I should take my own advice that I've been giving my whole life

Don't you say I'll always be lonely
Don't you say I'll never mean anything

You want me to hurt like I hurt you
I don't I don't I don't
You want me to crawl back and beg you
I won't I won't I won't

Go on let it out
Tell me what you think of me, make it sound so bittersweet
I could keep you around, maybe as a memory of something that we used to be.
Track Name: Out Of Place
Tell me everything that you were taught
When we were smoking pot in the parking lot
You tried your best to shake it off
Tell me all about the state of things
While you're changing the CD, we're not listening

I should have just taken you home
Cause I know that it's late and I'm sorry for everything

When you start to feel like running away
To another time, to another place
When you start to feel yourself slipping away
Do you feel anything? Do you feel out of place?

Tell me everything you think of me
Skin sticking to the seat in the summer heat
Just trying to find some peace
Pack your dad's weed inside the pipe
Anything to pass the time, we're just getting by

There's nothing so we sit around for days
There's still nothing but you stay here and complain
Track Name: Helpless
It's been a long time
More like my whole life
Since I've felt the way that I feel tonight
My head is bursting from rehearsing
The lines to hide how I feel tonight
You're so pretty and I'm so shitty
For making you feel alone tonight

I could fake this pain
Keep my thoughts at bay
I could whisper all my fears or keep it down when you're around
If I fake this pain

Can I trust you or are we strangers?
Just terrified of the same routine
Should I slow down or should I go now?
Tell me everything you're afraid to speak

All I ever do, all I ever do
Is lie awake and smoke inside my room
Sink into this tomb when I feel helpless.

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